What? Radio And TV Can Give You Tips On How To Get Promoted?

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How do you unwind after a hectic day at work? Like a lot of people, your style could be to watch TV or listen to the radio while sipping your favorite drink. Well, I can't blame you--that's cool, and cost effective. However, I surmise you're not aware that: Radio and TV can actually give you tips on how to get a promotion.

Yep, you read that right. You can really grab some career tips from TV and radio. And I'm not talking about the type of advice you get from a motor-mouthed DJ, or a TV host. I'm referring to something that comes from observing the two media institutions themselves.
Go ahead and peruse the practical yet insightful tips you can snag below. 
Pick two or three, and see what happens. I bet, they can catapult you to the next career level. Just make sure, you apply them effectively.

1. Be interesting. (Shows with high ratings edit out all the boring stuff).

This is pretty obvious, but I have some less known details that will surely help you understand why it's included here. So let me continue. If you’re interesting all the time, and maintain being one, you’ll be upbeat in your career. But, you say, "that’s easier said than done". Well, if you want to be promoted, you just have to do it. It's a crucial part of the whole game plan. 

Besides, it's apparent: employers and colleagues hate boring people—heck, all of us do. Boring TV or radio shows don’t get the ratings. Likewise, if you’re a bore, your supervisor won’t give you the ratings you're aiming for. Or worse, she won't even notice you. So… what to do?
  • Always keep up with the current fashion trends. If you can't do that, be totally different; be unique. Discover what works with your size, color, and personality. Your target is to be always looking sharp at work. And the reason why? Psychology has proven many times that people who're attractive (this includes being hip) get selected for promotions more often than plain looking employees.
  • Wield the latest gadgets. We live in a tech-biased world. It’s now a requirement to keep up with the latest mobile phones, gadgets, apps, softwares, etc., just to remain interesting and be up with the times.
  • Be a news geek: always be updated with domestic and international news. To be even more effective, have a more intense focus on the specific industry you belong to. Example, if you work in the entertainment industry, be on top of the showbiz news and be updated with the new entertainment productions that are in the roll. Always be in the know. This will convince your bosses, you mean business, and that you're ready to be considered for a promotion.

2. Speed-up your corporate-ladder-climb by continuously improving yourself.

Let’s draw out some tips from TV’s top-rated productions. It doesn't matter what genre: soap, sitcom, reality, fantasy, adventure, crime, historical, you name it—they all need just the right pace to maintain viewership. Usually the pace is fast, or else it’ll lose traction and balance.

Let's apply it to your career: you have to have the momentum that’s just right for your capabilities and temperament. To clarify the principle involved, talking about work, you should always be in a perpetual-motion mode to keep your balance.

Like what a great scientist said in a quote: 

‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving’ ~ Albert Einstein

To heed Einstein's piece of advice, you must keep running to maintain your balance. To relate it in your job, you’ve got to keep improving, never stop evolving if you want to move up. 

Remember, competition in life is a continuous process; it never ends. Especially in the workplace, you can’t rest on your laurels, ever. 

To further illustrate my point, look at this example: to up your ante about your strategy, this month you can enroll in a course that will help you transform into a leader; even if at the moment, you’re just an ordinary employee. (You have to prepare for the future. Sooner or later, you'll be leading people). The following month, you’ll register in another class. This time, tackling “enhancing communication in the work place”. 

See what I mean? Remain forward-looking and you’ll get a promotion faster than traffic builds up in the morning.

3. All TV and radio shows take breaks. So... go ahead and take breaks, too! 

Be good to yourself, get numerous mini-breaks. Don’t overdo it, though; you might lose your job!
  • All TV and radio shows can't survive without advertisements. Within the shows, Ads spots are positioned in strategic spots after each show segment. This is not only good for profits, though, it also heightens the viewers' pleasure. If you have been observant, you have noticed that more often than not, a segment ends with a strong hook. This will keep the audience hanging on to what happens next after the break. 
  • At work, as long as breaks are logically spaced, they will always invigorate you. They are necessary breathing spaces. Respites, if you want to call them that. These short, yet sweet interludes recharge the soul, the body, and the brain. Each break revitalizes, and after coming back from one, your performance improves.
  • Breaks will assist you in bringing back equilibrium. These intermissions will allow you to smell the flowers and witness what’s going on in the world. They will let you absorb insights about your job and your career as a whole.
  • Take napping breaks. (If your organization allows it). More and more people don’t get enough sleep nowadays, so organizations like the Huffington Post and the Nationwide Planning Associates have created “nap rooms” in their offices. They encourage their staff to get more needed Zzzs to prop them up in becoming more productive. Now, how cool is that? These are absolutely thrilling developments for employees. 

4. Narrate a captivating story (all great shows tell an engaging tale).

All audiences can relate to an engaging story and so is your employer. Just make certain to be honest; tell a true story. Everyone has a story to share; I’m sure you can find something about you that will capture your employer's imagination. In your story, make sure to highlight your strengths. This is not the time to be humble. Go ahead, brag about what you can do. Don't be tempted, though, to include those that you are not a master of yet; Only include those that you have mastered.  

Your story shoud emphasize aspects that will call attention to your skills asserting you're indeed an asset to your company. Mention instances proving your ability to solve problems. Maximize the opportunity to remind them about your capacity to come up with solutions for difficult issues. On top of that, emphasize your experiences proving your leadership skills.

5. Get noticed--indulge in doing these things (All hit TV and radio shows have all these): 

  • Be bold
  • Be entertaining
  • Do something outrageous
  • Be significant
  • Be a rebel (as long as you don’t cause a coup d’etat, and it will help the company grow, they’ll let it pass)
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Be extra helpful (Many TV and radio shows include moral lessons)
  • Be fearless
Now, you can see that TV and radio are not just for chilling, right? They’re absolutely more than that. Look at those 5 suggestions again: those are extremely potent tips. Go ahead, put them into action, and prove that they really work. Get that promotion, already.

God, an Orphanage, a Young Man, and Me

When I got ready to go to Tacloban, I was only thinking of Typhoon victims who need food, daily living supplies, and counseling. Ministering to orphans never crossed my mind. 

However when I arrived in the Center for Change in Binaunan, Leyte., I knew God has set me up for bigger things. First, I did the opening prayer for the simple children's program. Second, I counseled teenagers. (Something I was not prepared to do and for more than 10 youngsters; all clamoring for attention). 

However, one special incident which happened in the midst of all the activities there will forever be etched in my heart: A young man, 18-year-old, approached me to tell his life story. I was shocked out of my wits because it's our first time to meet, yet he had the urge and boldness to tell me the most significant aspect of his life. He started his narrative in this fashion -- he was born in Manila. Then when he was old enough to travel, his mom scurried with him to Tacloban. Then the incident he regrets the most in his young mind, transpired. His own mom left him in the city to survive on his own. After many days of roaming the city by himself, God moved and he finally found himself in the orphanage. 

I was moved beyond comprehension. Disgusted and angry, I asked myself -- how can a mother abandon her toddler in a big city? Doesn't she care about her child? Does she love her child? If she does, then why leave him to fend for himself in the dangerous streets of Tacloban.  

Maybe even in my whole lifetime, I will never be able to formulate an acceptable answer to those questions. While I listened to his story, I felt overwhelming compassion. Something Jesus felt for the multitudes in this verse: 

“I have compassion for these people; they have already been with me three days and have nothing to eat. Mark 8:2 

Back to the orphanage, he led me to his room. He stays with 2 other people. One woman who's advanced in age, and another orphan who's younger than him. He pointed to his bed saying that's where I sleep. Next, he led me to his locker. He told me he shares it with another orphan.         

What struck me the most is why among the members of my team did he pick me to share all of these things. In hindsight, now that I'm settled in my familiar environment, my home office, I realize, he was longing for a father figure and someone to guide him in his affairs who is male. From my conversations with my team, I found out, all the house parents and staff in the orphanage are females. And one more thing, I realized, as I prayed that God has assigned me to him. While writing this article, I have come to the conclusion that he needs my help and I have the desire to contact Miss Margaret Pashley, the orphanage founder to ask her permission for me to have an ongoing correspondence with Roel (the young man). Maybe in my humble means, I will be able to help him in whatever needs he has during this time of his life.  

With my experience in the orphanage, I realize how blessed I am to have grown up with my own parents, had a house, stuff I personally own even as a child, nice clothes, and most importantly, education in the best schools in the country. Sometimes we ordinary mortals, even us Christians, take for granted the blessings God has bestowed upon us. My trip to the orphanage was an eye opening experience that has intensified my thirst for ministry, for meaning in my life, and for a more rewarding spiritual journey with our almighty Father. 

Looking back in my preparation to join the relief operation in Tacloban, God has impressed upon my heart that he has loaded me with writing assignments to bless me with more than enough funds to go help the Typhoon victims but most especially to help Roel who is longing for a father. The Holy spirit is also guiding me so in a special arrangement, I can experience how it is to be a father. Even in an unorthodox way. Who knows I might decide to convince my wife for us to help Roel for further studies. 

All in all, my experience  of visiting the Center for Change has enriched my life not only as a minister but even as a member of the human race.   

In all of these matters, to God be the glory!